The 110th Anniversary of CALS

2017-03-22l Hit 1578


 Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Seoul National University, as well as the 110th anniversary of our college, “Commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Seoul National University and the 110th anniversary of agricultural education” was held on September 10th. This year marks the 70th year of Seoul National University and the 110th year of our college, which was first established as an agricultural school in 1906.

 Today’s Seoul National University was founded by the integration of various institutes of higher education established after the end of the 19th century, and was officially founded in 1946. CALS originated from the College of Agriculture, Commerce and Engineering in 1904, but was founded in 1906 when the agricultural school was officially established.

 The first half of the commemoration event began with the alumni council and the extraordinary general meeting, followed by the opening ceremony for the donor wall and photo exhibition celebrating 110 years of agricultural education. The main sequence of the commemoration began with the moderation of professor Chang-hoo Jeon, with about 200 present, including the vice president of the SNU Department Of Education, Chan-wook Park; the vice president of the Department Of Planning, In-gyu Hwang; Dean Chyul-young Jyung; the alumni president, Kwan-hee Ryu; co-chairman of the 110 years of agricultural education project, Yun-jaie Choi; and the vice-minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Jun-won Lee.

 Dean Chyul-young Jyung emphasized that our college successfully adapted to a fast-changing environment while maintaining 110 years of history and tradition. He also explained that the college is preparing for a major leap into the new decade through CALS VISION 2020, which started in 2015. In addition, the vice president of the SNU Department of Education, Chan-wook Park; the vice-minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Jun-won Lee; and the alumni president, Kwan-hee Ryu, also gave congratulatory speeches in appreciation of the long history of CALS and wishing its further advancement.

 Next, professor Yun-jaie Choi announced a progress report, and professor Hak-lae Lee gave a speech titled “100 years of evergreen Suwon and our CALS,” which looked back on the long history of CALS. Then, professor Eun-woo Park presented the current status and direction of CALS through a speech titled “Proposition for the innovation of CALS.”

 Lastly, professor In-bok Lee announced the results of 70 agricultural education news selections, which was followed by the award ceremony for the CALS essay and promotional UCC contests. The program ended with a celebratory performance from the SNU college of music ensemble and the singing of “The son of evergreen,” following the lead of honorary professor Jeong-oh Hyun. After the main sequence, CALS clubs Doore and Sand Pebbles OB gave celebratory performances, and the entire event ended after a congratulatory speech.

 This commemoration event not only celebrates our college for its advancements in becoming a core of agricultural education in Korea since its foundation in 1906, but also for its future of serving as a major stepping stone for CALS as it becomes the center of agricultural and life science in the world.