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Special seminar “CALS meets passion and intelligence”

2017-03-22l Hit 979


 Our college has been hosting a special seminar series titled “CALS meets passion and intelligence” since the second semester of 2007 by inviting highly reputable speakers in order to promote a spirit of challenge and confidence in our students and enhance their self-esteem as SNU students.

 Pavan Sukhdev, an environmental economist, was invited for the special seminar of September and he led the seminar titled ‘‘Green Economy, TEEB, and Corporation 2020” in the grand auditorium on September 7th. As a well-known founder and CEO of GIST Advisory, an environmental management consulting firm, he stressed that, in a capitalist society, we need to conduct economic activities that take into account mutual coexistence with nature, surpassing the level of simply creating profit. He introduced three specific plans to realize this goal. First, changes are needed in the report system, as it is critical to convince the policymakers in corporations to sustain green development. Second, a virtuous cycle (reducing the risk of loss through low-finance leverage) needs to be established by reducing government support. Third, green development must be promoted intensively, targeting the millennials who represent the era that deals with climate changes and greenhouse gas reduction.

 After an hour-long seminar, a Q&A session about green development was offered. The seminar ended with various discussions between the speaker and the students who attended the seminar.